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Vitraux-propres is a dynamic cleaning company that excels in the field of window cleaning residential, commercial window cleaning and carpet and furniture cleaning. Whether for maintenance windows in your home, maintaining your condo unit windows or maintenance of your furniture and carpets, our professionals in mind will do that with pleasure at a competitive price.


There's no Secret to wash a glass or a glass surface. Just work carefully and offer of courteous and efficient service experience respecting the client's needs. We are the specialists who use products Upscale recognized for their effectiveness for window cleaning services, cleaning gutters, pressure washing walls outside and carpet cleaning in Montreal, South Shore, North Shore. "Money Back Guarantee"


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Business is business. It is clear and simple: people want value for their money when they pay for a given service. At vitraux-propres, we understand this perfectly and make every work to meet them.


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Residential window cleaning

We proceed to wash the inside-out windows, guillotine, cranks, double, patio doors and gates windows for private homes (residential) condos shops, seniors residences, apartments, Shops and restaurants also.

We clean the frames, screens and we décapons exterior windows, stained by aluminum mosquito of older properties.

 Also note that we also do the washing solariums, along the windows, without neglecting cleaning the outer walls, then using the technique of high pressure washing.



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Commercial window cleaning

Ideal for condo complex and the windows height inaccessible

A practical formula that ensures fast and effective results. All windows and exterior framing of the house are washed.

The team goes when you want; Offering you more flexibility, this washing can be done during your absence. Affordable and ideal to refresh the house all occasions.

Washing face are adjusted when the worker has good feet on the ground and it is far from empty, fall risk is equal to zero external window cleaning done by a professional can not be beat. We use industry tools to provide a clean and efficient service.

Through experience and practice, we have perfected our arrival without a trace and once daylight starts pouring through your newly cleaned windows, you'll notice the difference.


  • The risk of falling, of scratching or break your windows are null
  • Our professional working the soil without using ladders
  • You earn 30% of the total price if you are just the exterior
  • Much less expensive than other techniques in saving
  • Ideal time to the residences and condo complex.




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Carpets and furniture washing

Carpet Cleaning Montreal, Laval, Quebec, Commercial carpet, residential and wool rugs: washing carpets buildings, offices, condos, houses, ... A non-toxic, potent and recommended by leading carpet manufacturers. own stained glass stands out from the competition by the quality of his work and becomes first recommended carpet cleaning company Carpet Cleaning Montreal and surroundings: no travel expenses.



Cleaning upholstery in fabric or leather, in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore: furniture cleaning and stain protection for all kinds of furniture, sofa, couch, sofa, chair fabrics or leather. After cleaning impeccable furniture made by own windows, enjoy our protectors (Scotch-gard) fabric or leather sustainable and effective. Cleaning windows Cleaning services of the highest quality and very competitive prices. Cleaning Experts is a renowned name for cleaning furniture, sofa and mattresses.



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Car Shampoo

Using effective methods, our professional clean the inside of your vehicle to give it a burst of nine. They will clean the salt stains, oil or other carpet. Subsequently, all the surfaces of your vehicle will be cleaned using our biodegradable soap. All surfaces, including the seats, door panels, roof and instrument panels are cleaned and disinfected.




The vacuum cleaner from the inside as well as the trunk of your car.

Exterior of your car wash.

Fabric protection (Scotch-gard) more fragrance.



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